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Four Weddings and a Break Up by Elyssa Patrick

Four Weddings and a Break Up  - Elyssa Patrick

I don't usually post long reviews as I have a tendency to want to talk about things that are spoilers but here is my attempt at a more than 2 sentence non-spoilery review.

I really love Ms. Patrick's writing voice and the style of this contemporary made for a very enjoyable read. Ms. Patrick deals with a dark and possible taboo topic in this book, it's written very well and although it's a major hurdle for the heroine her other issues make Ginny very relateable. Each character is showcased dealing with their own personal issues/demons which rounds out the book. I had numerous emotions while reading but the two strongest for me where the hilarity of numerous situations and the need to smack the H/H a few times (You know what I'm talking about that flop back in your chair, groan out loud and shake your head need to reach into the book and smack/shake some sense into the characters). The secondary characters were strong and I am looking forward to reading their stories, in fact I would have loved to dive right into the next book as soon as I finished.

I did guess the break up correctly score 1 for me but I was wrong about the suspense part score 1 for Ms. Patrick.